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Indian Deals is a Deals and Coupons website, offering huge discounts at your local Indian Businesses.

Indian Deals presents a win-win opportunity for customers as well as merchants. Customers have access to an amazing range of deals at great prices; merchants can step beyond traditional marketing channels and connect with millions of potential customers in real-time.

Indian Deals offers a profit driven, direct-to-consumer marketing solutions, fully backed by a dedicated team with access to merchant dashboard to track performance of your campaign. We provide customized advertising plans to suit your business but also ensure don't break your banks in the process.

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Our Mission

Indian Deals goal is not only to get as many sales as possible to Indian merchants by offering attractive discounts to their customer base, but to also increase brand awareness and create a database of loyal customers who will not want to miss a chance to visit again.

We will work hard to take things to the next level, ensure revenue growth, partnered with customer acquisition and brand awareness in your market.  

We’ll put your best foot forward!

We’ll promote you to thousands across our network with no upfront costs

We will not charge any advertising fees, we only make money if you make money

Dedicated support, Tailored advertising plans and Quality customer base is just few of many benefits that we offer!